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    Adam Lupton

    What’s in store for me in the direction i don’t take?

    “… the moments when everything is open, when all options are present, and all is undecided – mere destinies unfolding. Our choices shift into one plane of existence, the extension of every path still available, until we pick the red tie instead of the blue; harbor anger instead of compassion; attempt to fix it or break it; and all our possibilities collapse into the singular of what is, rippling outward from the moment of decision to affect our lives in ways unknown… The noise at the back of our mind wondering anxiously, What’s in store for me in the direction I don’t take?”


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    And memories are interesting things, right? They are a mess – a bundle of our past being. They can be beautiful and they can be ugly, and that is all we will ever be, inside and out. Memories are flowers, wilting and flourishing in our minds, poisoning our hearts, yet vitalising our spirit. Memories prove our existence better than we can. The only problem is, we hold onto our own and nobody else’s. That’s probably why we still feel lonely from time to time, without knowing why. The weights of our own lives come crashing in on us, and no one can be there to feel the density of it except us, as individuals.
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Fight Club (1999)


    Fight Club (1999)

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    July 11th 1960: To Kill a Mockingbird published

    On this day in 1960, the novel ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ by Harper Lee was published by J.B Lippincott & Co. The novel tells the story of the trial of a young African-American man in Alabama in the 1930s, and is told from the perspective of the daughter of the defendant’s lawyer, Scout Finch. Lee was partly inspired by events she recalled from her own childhood growing up in Alabama in the days of Jim Crow segregation. ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ was released during a turbulent time for American race relations, as the burgeoning Civil Rights Movement was beginning to get underway with sit-ins and Freedom Rides in the wake of the Supreme Court ruling Brown v. Board of Education (1954). The novel was originally going to be called ‘Atticus’ for Scout’s father and the moral centre of the story, but was renamed for one of Atticus’s iconic lines. The novel was an immediate success, and won the Pulitzer Prize in 1961. In 1962 it was adapted into an Oscar-winning film starring Gregory Peck and featuring the film debut of Robert Duvall as the elusive Boo Radley. Harper Lee never published another novel and remains reclusive from the press, though she was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2007. The influence of ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ has never faded in the 54 years since its release, and is a favourite of many for its warmth and humour while tackling some of the most troubling issues of its day.

    "Shoot all the blue jays you want, if you can hit ‘em, but remember it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird"

  5. I can’t wait until Monday. I’m going to the beach for 3 days with friends. I can’t wait to sit in the sun, drink wine, wake up early to the beach, laugh, smoke, and breathe for the first time in months.

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    art history meme • [5/6] themes/series/subjects 

    vincent van gogh + flowers

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    Things To Remember


    • Don’t be angry at yourself when anxiety/depression flares up. It isn’t your fault and no one blames you and if they do they’re pieces of shit.
    • Don’t orbit around your perceived value so much. You’re not the sum total of what you produce.
    • Don’t let yourself wonder why people love you. That’s not how it works. There are not stark, individual reasons that a person can enumerate about why they love you. It’s the entire, unique combination of what and who you are.
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Photo by Karen Radkai, for Vogue, 1958 (via)

    Photo by Karen Radkai, for Vogue, 1958 (via)

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    Heathers (1988)

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